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Library lehkhabu hawhnaa fine tam ber


Emily Canellos-Simms chuan library atanga a lehkhabu hawh a hunah a pek kir leh loh avangin theh luh tlai avangin dollar 345.14 (Rs. 25,950 vel) a chawi a, hei hi Guinness World Record, library-a lehkhabu hawh avanga fine pe tam ber a ni.

Coannellos-Simms hi lehkhabu hawhtu hi ni lo mah se a pawisa chawi tur zat hi a pe ta tho a, ani aia lehkhabu hawh man fine tam zawk pawh an awm ang, mahse, ani hi chuan a fine hi a pe ngei a, chuvangin lehkhabu hawh pek tlai vanga chawi pe tam ber a ni ta a ni. Read More>>

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