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Lirnghinna zirchiang tur mithiam tir turin centre ngen


Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga chuan Union Minister of Mines Pralhad Joshi hnenah lehkha ziakin, tunhnaia Mizoram khawchhak tlangdung chu lirnghingin vawi tam tak a sawi tawh thu leh heng thil thleng hi uluk leh chiang zawka zir tur mithiam rawn tir turin a chah.

Chief minister hian June 21, 2020 atanga July 9 thleng khan Mizoramah magnitude 4.2 atanga 5.5 inkar lirnghingin vawi 50 chuang Champhai district a nghawr tawh thu leh, he lirnghing avang hian building engemawzat a chhiat tawh thu te, mipui a ti thlabarin, mahni ina mu ngamloa pawna mu pawh an awm thu a thlen a ni.

Union Minister of Mines chu Geological Survey of India atangin Mizoram dinhmun rawn zirchiang turin expert seismologist/ geo-physicist Mizorama tir turin Zoramthanga hian a ngen a. India hmarchhak state-te chu lirnghingin a nghawr nat theihna ber zone (Zone-V) a awm an nih avangin Mizoram khawchhak lamah Earthquake Observation Centre dah belh a nih theih nan hma laksak tur leh, district tin microseismic zonation tih a nih theih nan hma lakpui turin a ngen bawk.

Geology & Mineral Resources leh Geological Survey of India Mizoram Unit hnuaia geologist-ten GSI inkaihhruaina zawmin lirnghing hi an lo han zirchiang tawh a ni.

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