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Lirthei khu endik dawn


Mizoram sawrkar hriattirna siam danin Aizawl leh Lungleia lirthei khu chhuah dan endikna – pollution test chu December 7, 2020 atangin hawn tan tum a ni a, 2021 January 10 thleng a huam phawt ang.

Mipui punkhawm a rem loh avangin phone call hmanga appointment/booking tih hmasak tur a ni a, December 7 atangin zing dar 9.00 atanga chawhma dar 10.30 chhungin phone-in New Capital (MINECO) site – 9863424383, Bawngkawn – 9863421263, Zemabawk – 9383376439, Lunglei – 8415031396 ah te booking tih theih a ni.

Booking tihrualin kal hun tur dar bi inhriattir nghal zel a ni anga, Testing Centre-te hi nitin office hun pangngaiah kumtluanin hawn reng thin a ni a, innek buai loin office hun chhungin test-tir theih reng a ni tih a tarlang.

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