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Luke Combs leh Nicole an innei


Country star Luke Combs leh a longtime tawih Nicole Hocking te chuan August ni 1 khan ‘Tiam tlat e,’ an ti ta. An inneih thu hi nimin khan Luke Combs hian a Instagram-ah a puang a, “Ka dam chhunga hun tawn tawh zinga hlimawm ber a ni. Ka thiantha ber nen kan innei,” a ti a, an thlalak post telin, “@nicohocking ka hmangaih reng ang che,” a ti bawk.

Nicole pawhin a Instagram-ah, “Ka tana ni special ber a ni! Ka damchhung i kianga ka awm tur hi ka hlim a ni. Kan chhung khat leh thiantha te zawng zawng tel thei se kan ti hlenain, nakum kan nghak hman tawh si lo a ni,” a ti ve bawk.

Luke Combs leh Nicole Hocking te hi 2016 atanga inzui tan tawh an ni.

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