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Lunglei luhnaah screening point dah ngen


ZPM Southern Hqrs Lunglei treasurer Lalrinpuii chuan Thawhtanni khan Lunglei district bawrhsap leh District Level Task Force Commitee chairman ni bawk V. Lalsangliana hmuin Lunglei khawpui him zawkna atan khawpui daiah screening point buatsaih a tul thu a thlen.

“Lunglei khawpuia chengte Covid-19 laka kan him zawkna atan Lunglei daiah screening point buatsaih a tul hle a ni,” tiin bawrhsap office-ah amah ngei kalin ziaka a ngenna a thehluh rualin tawngkain bawrhsap hi a sawipui bawk.

Hei bakah hian Lunglei mipuiten nitina an hman – maxi cab, taxi leh auto rickshaw khalhtute pawh an him tlan zawkna atan swab sample test tihsak tura ngenin, “Chu’ng mite result atangin Lunglei khawpui kan himtlang em tih kan hrethei ang,” a ti.

Bawrhsap chuan Lunglei khawpui himna chu a ngaihpawimawh thu leh District Level Committee thutkhawmah pawh an lo sawi tawh thu te, an thutkhawm leh hunah an sawi tur thute a hrilh a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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