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Lunglei North bialah hrileng vangin puihna hlan


Lunglei North bialtu MLA Dr Vanlaltanpuia chu a bial chhung khaw thenkhata Covid-19 leng avanga mipui mamawh hrang hrang leh vawk pul hri leng meka vawk vulhtute mamawh thenkhat a hlan.

In 60 vel awmnaa hri kai 11 hmuhchhuah tawh Mausen-ah oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeters, disinfectants, PPE set 9, digital thermometers, silpauline 5, thosilen 20, Vitamin C, hand sanitizer thahnem tak, ORS tam tak, glove & face mask thahnem tak leh Rs.10000 pe in, Haulawng-ah oxygen concentrator 1, pulse oximeter 1, silpauline 2, thosilen 50, Rapid Antigen Test kit box 1, Malaria test kit box 1, PPE set 5, digital thermometer 1 a pe a ni.

Pukpui khuaah 4C (CCCC) dinna turin Rs 50000, PPE set 20, oxygen concentrator, spraying guns, disinfectants, pulse oximeter engemawzat; Lunglei Zotlanga 4C dinna turin Rs.10000, PPE set, disinfectant, plastic barrel, spraying gun engemawzat a lo pe tawh a. Tunah hian Pukpuiah Covid kai 40 vel, Zotlangah 2 , Haulawngah 2 leh Mausenah case 11 vel an nei mek.

Mizoram Youth Commission chairman Dr Vanlaltanpuia bial khaw thenkhat heng – Mualthuam ‘N’, Serkawn, Chhipphir, Zote ‘S’ ah te African Swine Fever (ASF) leng vangin vawk an thi nasa tawh hle a. Mualthuamah ringawt vawk 300 chuang a thi tawh. Vawk hrileng laka himna tur leh damlote enkawlna atana hmanraw mamawh – sodium hypochlorite, pottasium permanganate, hand gloves engemawzat leh face mask thahnem tak a lo pe tawh a. Vawk thite senghawi leh phum bona turin khawtlang hruaitute hnenah sumfai a pe bawk.

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