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Machine Gun Kelly-a’n No.1 album a nei ve ta


Machine Gun Kelly album thar ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ chu Billboard 200 (albums) chart No.1-ah a debut a, MGK tan he chart-a a album No.1 kai thei hmasa ber a ni. Hetihrual hian SuperM, Joji, Deftones, Carrie Underwood leh Tory Lanez te pawh top 10-ah an debut.

Billboard 200 (albums) chart hi kar khat (Zirtawpni – Ningani) chhunga US-a album hralh tam dan atanga chhuta chart ranking siam thin a ni a, album tak tak hralhna bakah streaming atanga album hralhna tlukpui leh album-a hla mal hralhna atanga album hralhna tlukpui te belhkhawm thin a ni.

MGK album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ hi September ni 25 leh October ni 1 inkarah US-ah copy 1,26,000 hralhin, chart No.1-ah a debut a, copy 63,000 chu album tak tak hralhna niin, streaming atangin copy 60,000 tlukpui kaiin, album-a hla mal hralhna atangin copy 3,000 tlukpui a ni bawk.

‘Tickets to My Downfall’ hi MGK album chart top 10 kai thei pangana a ni a, Hotel Diablo (No. 5, 2019), Bloom (No. 8, 2017), General Admission (No. 4, 2015) leh La chu No.2-ah debut-in ce Up (No. 4, 2012) te top 10 a lo kaipui tawh bawk.

K-pop supergroup SuperM full length album hmasa ber ‘Super One: The 1st Album’ chu copy 1,01,000 hralhin No.2-ah a debut a, an top 10 album pahnihna niin, 2019 khan an introductory EP, SuperM: The 1st Mini Album chu No.1-ah an lo debut pui tawh bawk a ni.

Joji album thar Nectar chu copy 92,000 hralhin No.3-ah a debut a, a top 10 album pahnihna a ni, 2018 khan a album ‘Ballads 1’ chu No.3-ah bawk a lo debut pui tawh.

Rock band Deftones studio album thar ‘Ohms’ chu copy 49,000 hralhin No.5-ah a debut a, an group top 10 album parukna a ni. Ohma hi Deftones-in an album hmasa ber ‘Adrenaline’ an tlangzarh atanga kum 25-naah chiah an tlangzarh a, Adrenaline hi October 1995-a an tlangzarh a ni.

Juice WRLD No.1 album hlui ‘Legends Never Die’ chu copy 48,000 hralh lehin No.5 atangin No.6-ah a tawlh a, Taylor Swift No.1 album hlui ‘Folklore’ pawh copy 45,000 hralh lehin No.1 atangin No.7-ah a tawlh ve leh ta bawk.

Carrie Underwood Krismas album ‘My Gift’ chu copy 41,000 hralhin No.8-ah a debut a, a album pariat te chu a zawnin top 10-ah an la lang pha vek a, chart-a a lan tan atangin kum 15 a tling ve ta bawk.

Chart No.1 hlui YoungBoy Never Broke Again ‘Top’ chu copy 42,000 hralh lehin No.3 atangin No.9-ah a tawlh a, Tory Lanez album thar ‘Daystar’ chu copy 34,000 hralhin No.10-ah a debut ve bawk a, Tory Lanez tan a top 10 album parukna a ni.

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