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Maisie Williams ‘Miracle’ video-ah inlan


Madeon chuan a music video thar ‘Miracle’ atan Game of Thrones star a chaw lut nual mai. He video hi Lena Heady direct a ni a, ani hi Game of Thrones-a Cersei Lannister lema chang kha niin, a video-ah hian Maisie Williams pawh a inlan a, ani pawh hi GOT-a Arya Stark lema chang kha a ni.

He music video-ah hian Williams chu car accident a boral, thlarau rama kal ta angin a lang a ni.

Madeon chuan, “Thla eng emawti liamta khan, ka tour laiin, Lena hian ‘Miracle’ video siam chungchangah min rawn bia a. A hmathlir chu a chiang, keiin ka album Good Faith ka lo ruahman dan nen hian inpersan tak a ni a, mahse, min hneh ta riau a ni. Rimawi ramah a cheng a, chuta tang chuan video tha tak a rawn chhuak ta a ni. Ka music-in a lo tiphur ve hi ka lawm khawp mai,” a ti.

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