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Mami music video thar ‘Ka rul seng lo’ng’


K Lalthlamuankimi chuan a music video thar “Ka rul seng lo’ng” tih chu LPS music channel leh YouTube-ah a dah lut ta. K Lalthlamuankimi hi Mami tia kan hriat lar, 2016 Youth Icon kha a ni a, “Ka rul seng lo’ng” hi kumina a music video hmasa ber a ni.

He hla hi nu leh pate hnenah fate lawmthu sawina hla, nu leh paten an enkawlna zawng zawng avanga lawmthu sawina, nu leh pa chawimawina hla a ni a, hetiang hla hi kan ngah lo hle a, chhiar tham lek tak tak a ni kan la neih ni. He hlaah hian nu leh pa ten enkimah an enkawlna avanga lawmthu sawina leh nu leh paten fate tana an thawh nasat zia leh, fate tana an inpek nasat zia te tarlan a ni a, chutiang khawpa nu leh pate thawhrimna leh inpekna chu “Ka rul seng lo’ng e,” a ti hial a ni.

He hla hi USA-a awm mêk Lalsiamthara phuah a ni a, a music hi Larry kuthnu niin, Gosen Recording Studio-a record a ni a, music video hi Bilywaif Films kutchhuak a ni ve thung.

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