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Mamit College-ah Geography subject dah thar


Sawrkarin Mamit College-a Geography subject a dah avangin lawmawm an tih thu Mamit MZP chuan an sawi a. He college-a subject tam zawk zir ve theih nan hma lak zel an tum thu an sawi.

MZP Hqrs Mamit thuchhuak chuan, Mamit district-in a awh ngawih ngawih Mamit khawpui leh Mamit district chhunga zirlai khawsak harsa zawk, khawpui leh hmun danga zir ve phalo ten Geography subject an zir chhunzawm ve theih nana Govt. Mamit College-a dahsak tura sawrkar leh thuneitute an ngenna chu tihhlawhtlin ni ta tih a sawi.

‘Zirna min ngaihpawimawh saktu bialtu MLA Er H. Lalzirliana bakah Govt. Mamit College principal leh staff-ten Geography subject kan neih theihna tur kawng hrang hrangah hma min lak pui avangin an chungah lawmthu kan sawi a ni,’ a ti.

Govt Mamit College-a subject offer ala tlem hle tih sawiin, ‘Mamit district-a zirlaiten zirnaah hmasawnna tha lehzual kan hmuh a, subject offer tam zawk kan neih theih nan leh zirna in hrang hrangten hmasawnna kan hmuh theih nan MZP Hqrs. Mamit chuan hma a la zel dawn a ni,’ a ti.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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