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Mamitah DM Dashboard hmang dawn


Sawrkar scheme leh thildang pawimawh thenkhat online behchhan tur siamte DC office-in awlsam zawka a lo vil theihna tur, DM Dashboard/ DARPAN (Dashboard for Analytical Review of Projects Across Nation) chu nimin khan Mamit DC office-a hman turin district bawrhsap Dr. Lalrozama’n a tlangzarh.

DM Dashboard (DARPAN) hi district chhunga project hrang hrang 14 – MGNREGA, PMAY, Swachh Bharat Mission- Gramin, NRLM, VAHAN, Sarathi, RCH, NSAP, MLALADS, inner line permit, arms licensing monitoring, PDS, caste certificates leh income certificates te awlsam zawka DC office-in a lo vil theihna tura National Informatics Centre hmalaknaa siam a ni.

NIC hotute sawi danin, online based-a project kalpui mekte chu he Dashboard-ah hian a lo lang zel dawn a. Online based-a project la kalpui lohte pawh manual-a he Dashboard-a lang tura tarlan zel a nih dawn a ni. DM Dashboard-in a tum ber chu, department hrang hrangte hnathawh hmunkhata awlsam zawka enlet leh vil a nih theih nana ruahman a ni a. Hei hian district hmasawnna tura department hrang hrangte hnathawh a tihchak zawk a ring tih bawrhsap hian sawiin, department tinte pawhin thahnemngai zawka hna an thawh a beisei thu a sawi.

Heng priority projects 14 bakah hian a tul dan anga project dangte pawh he Dashboard-ah hian dahluh zel an ni dawn tih a sawi bawk.

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