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Max Biaggi-a’n khawmuala electric lirtheia tlan chak record siam a tum


Voxan chu French motorcycle brand a ni a, electric motorcycle siam lama hmingthang an ni. Max Biaggi chu racer niin MotoGP leh World Superbike-ah te pawh winner a lo ni ve zak zak tawh. Tichuan le, Max Biaggi hian tun thla chhung hian Bolivia-ah khawmuala electric hmang ke hnih nei lirtheia tlan chak ber record siam a tum a, chumi atan chuan French brand Voxan hi a khalh dawn a, Voxan hian Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) hriatpuinaa electric motorcycle hmanga tlan chak ber record hi siam an tum ta a ni. Read More>>

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