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Mayawati-i’n Oposition leh ruling te sawisel


BSP Supremo Mayawati chuan Monsoon Session a opposition leh sorkar intihbuainaah na takin a sawisel ve ve a, an chet dan chuan Parliament leh Constitution zahawmna a tihhmelhem niin a sawi.

Mayawati chuan, “Parliament hi temple of democracy tih a ni chungin a zahawmna tum tam tak tihthlerin a awm a. Tun Parliament session neih mekah pawh sorkar leh opposition te House chhunga an chetdan te kha Parliament mai bakah Constitution leh democracy tihzahawmlohna a ni. A lungchhiat thlak,” tiin a sawi.

Farm bill pahnih passed chungchanga ngaihdan inang lo nasa tak avanga buai nuai nuai a thlen hnuah Thawhtanni khan Opposition MP pariatte chu suspend-in an awm a ni.

Sorkar chuan heng member pariatte te suspend-na tur motion siamin chu chu House-in voice vote-in a passed a ni.

Opposition te chuan sorkar chuan Bill passed chungchangah kalphung leh dan a zawm lo tia sawiin a chhan chu member tlem zawk an nih avangin vote lak a remti lo tiin an sawi thung.

Heng MP suspend te hian Parliament complex ah zankhuaa lungawilohna an lantirin an thu a, Opposition te chuan an thlawp zia lantir nan Lok Sabha an boycott zui ta a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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