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Mehndi design-in record a siam


Kozhikode nula pakhat Adithya chuan darkar khatah mi chi hrang hrang 910 kutah Mehndi design a siam sak hman a darkar khata mi chi hrang hranga Mehndi design hnem ber record a siam.

A hmaa hetiang record siamtu chu Pakistanni Samina Hussain niin, ani hian darkar khatah mi chi hrang hrang 600 kutah Mehndi a design sak hman a, he record hi Adithya hian minute 37 chhungin a khum hman a, mahse, duhtawk mai lovin a record sawh ngheh nan a chhunzawm ta zel a ni.

Adithya hian CMHS ground-ah zing dar 10 atanga bul tanin, dar 11-ah chiah a tawp a, hetianga mi chi hrang hrang kuta mehndi design a siam lai hi endiktu leh hun vawngtu an awm a, video-in angle hrang hrang atanga record a ni a, document te hi Guinness World Records-ah endik turin an thawn dawn a ni.

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