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Mi 79 an -ve vangin lawm


Darlawn tlang dung khaw paruk inkharkhip mekte’n Thawhlehni zan khan thu lawmawm an nei a, mi 79 an negative tih thu an dawn avangin an lawm hle.

Covid-19 laka inven nan Darlawn, North Serzawl, Sawleng, East Phaileng, Kepran leh Pehlawn khuate an inkharkhip mek a, sample engemaw zat lak a ni tawh. Thawhlehni zan khan sample thenkhat result hriat tur a awm dawn tih an hria a, khaw dang hawi thei lovin a khua khuain an ngaichang thuap mai tih thu dawn a ni.

Mi 79-te hi Darlawn, Kepran, Sawleng leh Sakawrdai khaw mite an ni a, Covid-19 natna vei nena lo intlawhpawh an ni.

Darlawn-ah mi pahnih an positive a, Sawleng-ah mi pahnih an positive bawk. Khaw inthenawm, intlawhpawh reng an ni a, positive hriatchhuah tawhte nen pawh hian an lo intlawhpawh fur a, chung mite nen chuan an lo intlawhpawh fur bawk.

Nilaini khan he tlang dungah hian swab sample 100 chuang lak a ni leh a, a hmain sample hi 70 chuang lak a lo ni tawh.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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