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Mihring zat aia tam endik tawh


Chhiarpui hnuhnung bera Mizorama mihring awm zat kha 1,097,206 a ni a, Covid-19 hrilen hnuah Mizoramah sample 1,350,615 endik a ni tawh.

Sample endikah hian mihring ngai an awm a, vawi hnih vawi thum endik tawh pawh mi engemaw zat an awm.

IDSP te’n an chhinchhiah dan chuan sample endik tawhah hian hri vei zat chu 1,25,861 a ni a, an zinga 1,19,990 chu an dam tawh. He natna veite zinga dam tawh hi 95.34% an ni. Covid-19 vangin Mizoramah mi 451 an thi tawh.

Hri vei hriatchhuah tawhah hian a tam ber chu RAgT hmanga hriatchhuah an ni a, mi 89,757 an ni. RT-PCR hmanga hriatchhuah mi 27,966 an awm a, TrueNat-PCR hmanga hriatchhuah mi 6,922 leh FIA Antigen Test hmanga hriatchhuah mi 1,215 an awm.

IDSP chhinchhiah chinah hian Mizoram mi, Mizoram pawna hriat-chhuah mi 58 an awm.

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