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Military nursing zir turte vailiam


Higher & Technical Education minister Dr R. Lalthangliana chuan Assam Rifles bultuma Military Nursing Service (MNS) Exam Coaching kal, July 28-a Gwahauti-a entrance exam turte chu nimin khan Loch Hall AR Ground atangin a vailiam.

MNS entrance pe turte hlawhtling ngei turin minister hian duhsakna a hlan a. Entrance coaching class, kar ruk chhung buatsaihtu, Assam Rifles hnenah lawmthu a sawi. “Mizo thalai nurse zir chhuak, MNS a luh tum mi 24 an awm chu Mizo thalai tumruhna a lang chiang hle a, military nursing service-a luh tum te lo pung zel se; ram tan rawngbawlna pawimawh leh ropui tak a ni,” a ti. MNS hi short service a ni a, hmeichhiate tan service tha tak, Indian Army nursing officer nih theihna a ni a. Kum 5 chhung service a, a tul dan azirin service pawhsei (permanent commission) theih a ni. Payband hi 15600 – 39100 level 10 to 11, and 37400 – 67000 at level 13 to 13B a ni.

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