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Minister hlui pahnih sun


Congress party chuan thuchhuah siamin Mizoram Legislative Assembly Speaker lo ni tawh leh minister hlui Rokamlova (80) Dawrpui Veng, July 1, 2020-a boral chu an ui takzet tih sawiin, Mizoramin kum 1986 inremna a neih theih nana thawhhlawk tak, Congress ministry-a minister leh MLA a nihna bakah zirtirtu ropui tak a nihna te, Pathian rawngbawlna lam thlengin Mizoram tan hna tangkai tak tak thawk tawh thin a nih thu an sawi.

Kum 1993 inthlana Congress party leh Brig T. Sailo kaihhruai Mizo Janata Dal (MJD) tangrualin sawrkarna an lak tuma tangrual sawrkara minister of state lo ni tawh F. Lawmkima (80), Kulikawn, July 3, 2020 a boral pawh an ui tih sawiin, ‘Heng kan ram hruaitu hlui boral tate hi Congress party chuan kan ui em em a, ram tana an hnathawhte kan hrereng dawn a ni,’ a ti.

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