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Mission Impossible production an chhunzawm leh ta


Mission Impossible series-a a film thar ber tur chu London-ah shooting an tan leh ta a, a changtupa Tom Cruise pawhin stunt hlauhawm tak tak a ti leh tan leh ta. Tom Cruise hian a film channah stuntman hrang hmang loin aman a ti deuh vek thin a, a hliam pawh a inhliam zeuh zeuh tawh a ni.

Tun tumah pawh hian Honda motocross bike hmangin stunt hlauhawm tak a ti lehpek a, helai action scene pawh hi an chang tha nanw sek lehnghal. Daily Mail-in a tarlan danin Cruise hi Oxfordshire, England-a an film channa hmunah hian bike-in an inum kual vel a ni. He stunt atan hian sen pawh an inseng so nasa talh talh khawp mai, pound maktaduai 2 vel zet an seng a, India pawisa chuan cheng vaibelchhe 19 chuang a ni hem mai. Chupawh stunt pakhat atan chauh a ni lehnghal!

M:I-ah Tom Cruise chu Ethan Hunt lemah chang lehin, invenna pawh nei mumal loin tlang sang taka a lawn lai te, thlawhtheihna a bet lai te, inchhawng sang taka a lawn lai te pawh kan lo hmu tawh thin.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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