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Mizo taekwondo player-te kutah int’l medal 6


November ni 26-30 chhunga Haryana state-a buatsaih PM Cup Online Open International Taekwondo Champion-ship-ah Mizoram taekwondo player thate’n gold medal panga leh bronze medal pakhat an petchhuak.

He inelna hautak zetah hian ram hrang hrang 10 lai an tel a, India aiawh Mizo player pariat telin medal heti zat hi an sualchhuak leh ta a ni.

India tana medal sualchhuaktu Mizoram player-te
1. Joshua Lalthlangdika Exodus English School Pewee – Gold
2. Esther Lalchhanhimi St. Lawrence School Sub-Junior – Gold
3. Pansy Rampanzeli Exodus English School Cadet – Gold
4. Felix J. Hmingthanmawia SYS Junior – Gold
5. Reuben Lalruatdika Exodus English School Junior – Gold
6. Joseph Thansanga SYS Under 50 – Bronze

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