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Mizoram Science  Congress hmang mek


Covid-19 hri leng vanga online hmanga hman tur Mizoram Science Congress 2020 chu Ningani khan chief minister Zoramthanga chuan ama office atangin a hawng.

Chief minister chuan mihring ngaihtuahna atangin science lama tuimi, thil chikmite avangin tunlaia kawng tinrenga hmasawnna hrang hrang kan hmuhte hi a lo awm ta tih a sawi a. Hrileng mek Covid-19 chungchang an sawi ho tel tur chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, “He hri hi a lo reh a, damdawi siam tur chuan science lama mithiamte bawk khawvel innghahna an ni,” a ti.

Planning (Science & Technology Department) commissioner & secretary Dr. Vanlalramsanga chuan hrileng vangin online-a programme buatsaih a nih tak thu leh Mizoram chhung leh ram pawn ami tam thei ang bera an chhhim theih nan local cable channel pahniha live-a pekchhuah a nih thu a sawi.
Science Congress hawnna inkhawm neih zawh hian physical science, engineering leh information technology lamah presentation neih niin, NEHU Department of Chemistry atangin Prof. RH Duncan Lyngdoh bakah Mizoram University leh NIT-Mizoram atangin mithiam sawm an ni a. Intellectual Property Right chungchang sawi ho a nih bakah nizan khan Covid-19 hrileng chungchangah special live session neih a ni bawk.

Vawiin hian khawvel sik leh sa inthlak danglam chungchang sawi ho a ni ang a; hemi hnuah agri & allied, life sciences & bio-medical sciences, earth sciences chungchang presentation neih a ni ang. Naupang pualin Children Science Expo neih ni bawkin hetah hian child scientist thlanchhuahten presentation an pe dawn a ni.

Mizoram Science Congress hi Mizoram Science, Technology & Innovation Council leh Mizoram Science Society, Science Teachers’ Association Mizoram, Mizo Academy of Science, Biodiversity & Nature Conservation Network, Mizoram Mathematics Society leh Geology Society of Mizoram tawngho buatsaih a ni a. Kum 2016 atang khan kum khat danah buatsaih thin niin, science zirlai leh zirbing mite, thil siam chhuaktute leh science lama tui hrim hrimten an thil zir leh hriatte inhrilhtawn a, science lama hriatna tipung tura hun hman thin a ni.

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