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Mizoram sorkar phut


Joint Action Committee in Inner Line Reserved Forest Demand (JAC on ILRFD) chuan Inner Line reserved Forest, sqrs miles 509 chu Mizoram sorkarin an enkawl ve theih nan sorkar laipui hnena dilna thawn turin sorkar an phut tih an sawi.

Thawhtanni khan JAC on ILRFD hruaitute hian Aizawl Press club-ah thuthar thehdarhtute an kawm a, 509 sq. Miles Inner Line Reserved Forest chu Lushai Territory chhung ngeia awm a ni tiin, khatih lai Khan Forest Department changtlung leh chak an neih loh avanga Assam Forest in an enkawl mai a ni tiin an sawi a, chu chu Mizoram sorkarin a enkawl theih nan sorkar laipui hnena dilna thawn tura Mizoram sorkar an phut thu an sawi.

1972 hmalama Assam in Inner Line Reserved Forest 509 sqrs miles chhung atanga chhiah a pek thin a pek tak loh chu a pung nen lam Assam sorkar hnena dil turin, Mizoram sorkar an phut thu an sawi bawk.

JAC on ILRFD hruaitute chuan, tun hnaia Delhi-a Mizoram CM leh Assam CM inbiaknaah, Inner Line Reserved Forest sq. miles 509 chungchang hi sawi a awm a nih chuan Mizoram mipui hnenah a rang thei ang berin, zep nei loa puang ngei turin Chief Minister an phut tih an sawi a, heng an thil phutte hi sorkarin a tih hmasak loh chuan eng ang pawhin hma la mah ila, thil awmze awm lo leh tul loa tha sen thlawnna maiah an ngai tih thu an sawi bawk.

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