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Mizoramah tualto party thar


Mizoramin tualto party thar a nei dawn a, Thawhlehni hian a hming tur leh an hruaitu tur te puan chian a ni dawn.

Tualto party pahnih MPC leh PRISM party te’n inzawmkhawma party thar din an tum a, Thawhlehni hi mahni party ve ve kalsana party thar din an tum ni a ni.

MPC office-ah party thar tur hming leh hruaitu turte puan an tum a, mahse hrilen lai a nih avangin mipui pungkhawm zawnga hun hmang lovin, sorkarin punkhawmnaa tel thei zat a bituk chu zawm an tum.

PRISM president Vanlalruata chuan party pahnih an lungrual thu leh Zoram tana party tha tak nih an tum thu a sawi a, party pahnih member-te pawh an phur nia an hriat thu a sawi.

Thu dawn danin inzawmkhawm tum party pahnihte hian an hming tur leh hruaitu turte tifel tawh mah se party thar policy tur an la hrual mum lo a, hei hi party thar pian hnua hna hmasaa neih an tum.

PRISM president chuan policy tur hi la siam fel lo mah se Brig T Sailo thupuite kha thupuia an neih tur thu a sawi a, “Pu |hena policy kan ngai pawimawh dawn a, Pu |hena policy kha kan policy tur a ni,” a ti.

Aizawl Municipal Corporation inthlanah party thar hminga din hman an tum thu leh chumi tihlawhtling tur chuan a rang thei anga inzawmkhawm an tum thu a sawi a, he inthlan hi party tharin inthlan a chuh hmasak ber a nih tur thu a sawi.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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