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MLA-te vauah MNF Legal Board puh


Dan changchawia ZPM MLA dangte bana vauah ZPM Thalai chuan MNF Party Legal Board chu a puh.

ZPM Thalai Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, MNF Party Legal Board thukhawmin dan zah tur leh dan bawhchhe lo tura fimkhur tura independent MLA-te a ngenna chu ZPM MLA-te vauna leh ZPM MLA thlangtlingtu mipuite zahlohna leh thamlohna nia an ngaih thu sawiin, ‘MNF Legal Board-in Pu Lalduhoma bân a nihna changchawia ZPM MLA-te an vau hi dan ngaipawimawh tura inngenna lam aiin politics-a invauna lam zawk a kawh avangin tha kan tilo takzet a ni,’ a ti.

MNF Party Legal Board chu dan ngaihpawimawh thu ah MLA zawng zawngte hnena ngenna siam loin, tih bik nei tih hriat taka independent MLA-te nia an sawi, ZPM MLA-te hnenah chauh ngenna siam ngamah ZPM Thalai hian a puh a. ‘Dan hi invau nan chauh nilo, tun Mizoram sawrkara induhsakna uchuak tak tak, Board hrang hrang dina mipui sum tam tak hmanral a nih chungchangah te, minister of state leh cabinet rank leh status inpeka mipui sum tam tak hmanral a nih chungchangah te, restricted tender chhuah thin chungchangahte leh ram inrelbawlna chungchangte pawh Mizoram sawrkar hnenah dan hmanga ngenna siam thin zawk tawh turin MNF Party Legal Board hi kan phut a ni,’ a ti.

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