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MLA-te’n dahkham tel lovin loan la thei tawh dawn


Ningani khan Assembly House chuan MLA-te’n dahkham tel lova loan an lak theihna tur dan an pass.

Parliamentary Affairs minister TJ Lalnuntluanga’n Mizoram Salaries, Allowances and Pension of Members of the Legislative Assembly (Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2020 a pulut a, member te’n hei hi lungrual takin an pass a ni.

Bill puluttu chuan MLA te’n loan an lakin dahkham (mortage) an neih a ngai tih a sawi a, mahse loan hi an thla hlawh a\anga thla tina rulh a nih bakah MLA an nih loh hnu-ah pawh an pension hlawh a\anga thla tina rulh a nih thu sawiin, Assembly secretariat-in chutianga thla tina an rulhtir tho avang chuan dahkham neih kher hi a ngai lo tia rawt a nih thu a sawi.

Assembly Committee peng General Purpose Committee rawtna a nih thu minister chuan a sawi a, GPC rawtna ang chuan putluh a ni ta a ni tih a sawi.

Sawihona hunah member te’n an \huthmun a\angin pass \ha an tih thu an sawi a, an pass ta a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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