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Monifin hmanga tui hleuh thui record


Estonian tuihleuh thiam Merle Liivand chuan monofin hmangin mel 18.6 a thui tui a hleuh a, hei hi Guinness World Record, monofin hmanga tui hleuh thui ber a ni. Monifin chu mermaid mei ang hi a ni mai. Tun hi record tum thum a siamna a ni ta.

Merle hian a kum 30 tlin champha lawm nan record hi a siam a, Miani Beach, Florida-ah mermaid anga mei vuah chungin tui hi a hleuh a, darkar 9 leh minute 19 chhung hleuhin, mel 18.6 a thui a hleuh hman a ni.

Merle Liivand hian 2019 khan record a lo siam tawh bawk a, chumi tum chuan monofin hmang thoin mel 6.2 a thui a hleuh a, hei hi record niin, 2020-ah ama record siam hi rawn khumin mel 12.8 a thui a hleuh hle a, 2021-ah a record khumin record thar a siam leh ta a ni.

Merle Liivand chuan a record siam tui hleuh chu tuipui bawlhhlawh ta lutuk chungchanga mi tam zawkin awareness an neih theihna tura a tih niin a sawi a, “Tuipuikamah te hnamhnawk leh bawlhhlawh a tam ta lutuk a ni. Mahni bawlhhlawh chu i senghawi ang u,” a ti.

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