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Motor license plate pawhthler record a siam


Pa chak zet mai Bill Clark chuan US sorkarin lirthei number ziahna (license plate) atana a pekchhuah, thir phek te chu a kut lawngin minute khat chhungin 29 a laiah a pawt thler vek hman a, Guinness World Record, minute khat chhunga motor license plate pawtthler hnem record a siam.

Bill Clark hi USA-ah rit chawi champion te pawh a lo ni tawh a, a hmaain hetiang record hi amah vekin a lo siam tawh a, August 2018 khan license plate 23 minute khat chhunga pawtthlerin record a siam a, chu record chu a rawn khum leh ta a ni.

Ningani kalta khan NYSEG Stadium, Binghamton-ah record hi siamin, record siam nana a pawhthler tur license plate-te chu a hmain endik vek a ni a, a lo thler lawk deuh emaw, pawhthler awlsam tura siam danglam emaw a awm lo a, tum khatah pakhat te tein an pe a, chu chu a kut lawngin a lo pawtthler hmiah hmiah mai a, minute khatah license plate 29 a pawtthler te vek a ni.

Bill Clark chuan, “Guinness-in record siam tum turin min rawn be pawp zawk a, a tirah chuan ka duh chiah lo a. Mahse, charity atan a nih dawn avangin thil tha tihna remchang niin ka hria a ka ti ta a ni,” a ti.

Clark hian a naupan deuh lai atangin rit chawi a lo tuipui tawh a, US National leh World Powerlifting Championship-ah te pawh gold medal a lo dawng tawh a, state leh national-ah vawi 100 chuang a lo champion tawh bakah powerlifting-ah record te pawh a lo siam tawh a ni.

Kg 90 weight class-a a tel laiin kg 350 a deadlift thei a, kg 250 a benched press thei bawk. National Strength and Power Hall of Fame-ah 2014 khan an lalut tawh nghe nghe a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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