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MP-in Myanmar raltlante pui turin ngen


Lok Sabha MP C. Lalrosanga chuan Ningani khan Parliament Central Hall-ah sawrkar laipuia Minister of State for External Affairs thar RK Ranjan Singh kawmin Myanmar atanga Mizorama raltlante tanpui dan chungchang a sawipui.

Myanmar ramri hrula awmte Covid-19 laka invenna damdawi lam hmanrua leh hri kaite tana oxygen mamawh pek dan turte ngaihtuah turin minister hi a ngen a. Ranjan Singh chuan External Affairs ministry kaltlanga tih theih angte tih a nih tur thu MP hi a hrilh. Mizorama Passport Seva Kendra tihphuisuina tur leh a tul chuan din belhna tur rawtna thlen turin a lo hrilh bawk.

Minister of State for Education ni bawk Ranjan Singh chuan zirna lam kaihhnawih tul ang ang a hnena thlen turin Mizoram MP hi a sawm a ni.

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