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MPC leh Prism-in inngeih tak an nih sa thu sawi


Political party pahnih inchhunfin tum – Mizoram People’s Conference leh PRISM chuan a hma atang tawha inkawmngeih tak leh tum thuhmun nei an nih thu an sawi.

Ningani khan MPC president leh PRISM president Vanlalruata ten thuthar thehdarhtute an kawm a. MPC president chuan party pahnih chu ideology inang, economic policy leh political goal thuhmun an ni tih a sawi a. Unau, phir ang mai an ni tih a sawi.

“PRISM hi NGO a nih lai pawhin kawng hrang hrang – ramri chungchang a ni emaw tuikhuah a ni emaw tum leh duh thuhmun thlap ang maiin kan lo kal ho fo tawh a. Zoram siamthat a nih theih nan inchhungfin a, party pakhata awm mai tura min ngenna a nasat tawh avangin hmunkhata awm hi tul kan ti hle a. Inchhungfin turin kan inpeih tawh a ni,” a ti. Anmahni zawm duhtute pawh an party-ah hian lut turin a sawm tih a sawi bawk.

PRISM president Vanlalruata chuan, NGO an nih laiin, hmasawnna hnathawh kalpui a nih dan zirchiangin Zoram hmun hrang hrang an fang a, thingthlang khaw chengker takah pawh Brig T Sailo chief minister laia bul an lo tan tawh, tuaithar loh leh chhunzawm loh a lo ni deuh zel, tia sawiin, “Political party kan nih hma leh nih hnu pawhin kan kawmngeih tak an ni a. PRISM party kalphung duanah pawh PC party kalphung an entawn emaw tih mai turin a inang tih a sawi. Inchhunfin tur chu mipuiin beisei neisan pui thu leh an rin phak aia tam phurpuitu an neih thu a sawi bawk.

Zawhna chhangin, October 6 hian an inchhunfin thu hi ‘official’ in an puang dawn a. Hetah hian an party hming tur, party hruaitu tur leh an kalphung tur pawh puan a ni dawn tih an sawi. Sawrkar ngei tura hma lak chhoh an tum tih an sawi.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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