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MPC leh PRISM inzawm tum


Political party pahnih, MPC leh PRISM te’n inzawm an tum a, party khata inchhunfin ni tur pawh an tifel tawh.

Thawhtanni khan MPC office-ah party pahnih hruaitute an thu a, October ni 6-ah inchhunfinna programme buatsaih ni se tiin an rel. AMC inthlanah ward zawng zawngah candidate neih vek ni se tiin an rel bawk.

Thawhtanni-a thute hi party pahnih aiawhte telna joint committee a ni a, anni hi a hmawrbawk tura tih an ni.

Party pahnih hruaitute chuan hun engemaw chen an lo indawr tawh thu an sawi a, party hming, party dan leh symbol chungchangah te harsatna nei lovin an inrem thei vek tih an sawi.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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