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Nadal kutah chawimawina sang


Karliamta mai khan world number two Rafael Nadal chu an rama in-fiamna lama chawimawina sang ber Grand Cross of the Order of the Second of May hlan a ni.

Grand Slam-a vawi 20 champion tling tawh Spaniard kuta award hlantute hi Community of Madrid niin, an pawl president Diaz Ayuso kut atangin Nadal hian chawimawina a dawng a, a Facebook page lamah a thlalak leh a chawimawina dawn chunga a lawmthu a tarlang tel.

Kumin September thla kha Nadal hian a vawi 13-na atan French Open title a hawn a, a elpui lian Roger Fede-rer-a record nihrualin Grand Slam title 20 a la.

Major title lak tam lama record dinglai a nihrualpui bakah Nadal hian world ranking-a top 10 huang chhung luah zawn rei record Jimmy Connors-a lo siam tawh chu a khum a, a career-ah tour match 1000 a chak tling bawk.

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