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Ngaihzawngte gift-ah gadget


I ngaihzawng/ kawppui thil pek turah i buai thin em? Eelectronic lampang thilpek atan hmang rawh, chu chu rose, chocolate tih vel ai chuan a lawm zawk ang. Chutiang chu mithiam te sawi dan a ni.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) in zirchianna an neih atangin technology lamah hmeichhia te an thangharh nasa tawh a, tun kum nga chhung hian heti lamah hian hmeichhia te an tlan chak hle a, hmeichhia 10 zela pariat chuan consumer electronics product (mobile phone, etc) hi an ngaihven hle a ni.

Chutihlaiin mipa te chuan consumer electronic lei lamah hmeichhia an la khum ta tho a, khawvel puma mipa te hian chawhrualin 2011 chhung khan consumer electronics lei nan dollar 728 vel hmang ang an ni a, hmeichhia te erawhin dollar 667 vel hmang ang an ni thung.

CEA manager of strategic research Jessica Boothe chuan, “Hmeichhia ten electronics lampang dawn an chak viau dawn a ni,” a ti.

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