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NGT-in halpuah hal khap zui zel


National Green Tribunal (NGT) chuan Covid-19 pandemic leng avangin National Capital Region (NCR) leh khawpui leh khaw hrang hrang air quality chhiatnaah halpuah hal a khap.

NGT Chairperson Adarsh Kumar Goel kaihhruai Bench chuan air quality pangngainaah pawh Christmas leh New Year lai pawhin zan dar 11:55 atanga zing dar 12:30 inkar chhung chauhin green cracker hal phal a nih thu a sawi.

District magistrate tin te chu an huam chhungah halpuah hal leh hralh a nih loh nana hma la tura tih an ni nghal bawk.

Hei mai bakah hian Green Panel te chuan air quality data neih ngei pawimawh thu sawiin district headquarter tinah air quality monitoring station pakhat tal din tur a ti bawk.

“Monitoring station awm lohnaah chuan awlsam tea siam mai theih leh sum sen tam ngai lo manual monitoring station a rang thei ang bera siam tur a ni,” a ti bawk.

Halpuah hal khap duh lotute chu halpuah siam chhuaktute an nih thu sawiin bench chuan, “Right to business hi chin nei lo a ni lo. Air quality leh noise level norm tihchhiat theihna rights a awm lo. Ram chhung dan bawhchhiatna right a ni thei lo. Tute mahin midangte hriselna tichhe thei sumdawnna kalpui turin dikna an nei lo,” tiin a sawi bawk.

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