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Noodles ei chak record a siam


Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan-a zirtirtu pakhat chuan minute thum chhungin noodles kg 1 a ei zo vek hman a, khawvela noodles ei chak bera puan a ni.

Jeremy hi Japan-ah English zirtirtu a ni a, noodles tui a ti tle a, a bikin udon noodles a duh lehzual. Tichuan le, noodles ei chakah record a siam theih a inring a, a bei ta lawm. Jeremy chuan noodles kg 1.116g a rit noodles chu ri turin a siam ta a, bowl lian tha takah a dah a,, chu noodles nal leh chhah tha tak mai chu a hip lut ta zeih zeih mai a ni.

A record siam hi a kum 40 tlin champha lawm nan a hmang nghal a ni. Japan-ah kum 13 chhung a khawsa ve tawh a, Sanuki udon noodles chu a tui tih ber a ni a, chutiang chu Kagawa leh a chhehvela noodles lar ber a ni bawk.

Tun hi Jeremy-a’n Guinness World Records a siam vawi khatna a ni a, mahse, a duhtawk mai dawn lo, thil ei ran lamah record siam belh zel a la tum.

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