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O2 Arena-ah inhnek hmuhnawm tak a awm dawn


Zanin in London khawpuia O2 Arena-ah inhnek hmuhnawm tak a awm dawn a. Palian huanga kawnghren pathum kawlkhawm mektu Anthony Joshua chuan a kawnghren chuhpuitu Kurat Pulev hmachhawn in, a kawnghren humhim a tum dawn.

Palian huanga inhnek hmuhnawm tak ni tura ngaih hi keini huna zan dar 10:00 show neih tan tur a ni a. Inhnek leh thil dang neuh neuh a awm dawn vangin Joshua leh Pulev inhnek hun tur tak erawh sawi lawk theih a ni lo thung a. TV hmaa thut reng a fuh ang.

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