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October 15 atangin Cinema Hall hawn


Covid-19 avanga thla sarih chhung shut down a nih hnuah cinema hall te chu October 15 ah 50% capacity leh seat khat zel a kara dahawlin hawn remtih a nih tur thu Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar chuan a sawi.

“Thla sarih chhung Cinema hall te khar a ni tawh a. October 15 atangin an hawng thei tawh ang a. Mipuite him zawk nan SOP zawm tur kan siam a ni,” tiin Javadekar chuan a sawi a.

“Cinema Hall te hi 50% chauh hnawhkhah theih tur niin seat khat zel dahawl tur a ni a. Eng hunah pawh hmaikawr vuah tur a ni,” tiin a sawi bawk.

Union minister chuan cinema ticket pawh online booking uar ni se ti bawkin mahse box office te chu single-screen theatre tan chauh hawn a ni ang, a ti bawk a.

“Single screen theatre tan chuan ticket counter hawn a ni thung ang a. Mahse, inpawhna a awm loh theih nan online booking uar ni se. Ventilation a mumal tur a nia, air condition temperature setting pawh 23 degree Celsius chunglam vek a ni tur a ni” tiin a sawi bawk.

Minister chuan cinema hall hawn a nih hunah movie chhuah a nih inkarah hun thawl hek hawk dah tur a nih thu sawi bawkin hei hi lut leh chhuakah thawl taka thil kalpui a nih theih nana ruahmanna a ni bawk.

Cinema hall chhungah packaged food leh in tur chi te chauh kenluh phal a ni ang a, cinema hall chhungah eitur inpek khap a ni bawk.

Cinema hall luhna tinah hand sanitizer chhawp vek tur ni dawn bawkin intermission laia common area, lobby leh wahshroom ah te mipui an punkhawm loh nan ruahmanna siam tur ni dawn bawkin luh leh chhuahnaah dinna tur chiang taka rin tur a ni bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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