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Oil man sang chho zel


Nimin khan Delhi-ah diesel leh petrol man tihsan niin diesel chu litre-ah Rs 73 niin petrol erawh Rs 83 dawn a ni thung.

Zirtawpni khan petrol man 20 paise a tihsan niin diesel chu 23 paise a tihsan a ni thung a. Oil man tihsan hi international oil rate mil zela kalpui a ni.

Delhi-ah petrol litre-ah Rs 82.86 atangin Rs 82.66 ah a chho va, diesel man erawh Rs 72.84 atangin Rs 73.07 litre ah a chho ve thung.

Tun hi November 20 hnua oil man tihsan tum sawm pahnihna ni tawhin thla hnih dawn hnuah November 20 khan daily price revision kalpui leh chauh a ni.

Ni 15 chhung lekin petrol man chu litre-ah Rs 1.8 in a sang chho hman a, diesel sanna phei chu litre-ah Rs 2.61 a ni.

September 22 atang khan petrol man a ngai renga dah a ni a, diesel man chu October 2 atang khan tihdanglam a ni lo bawk a, November 20 ah daily price revision kalpui leh chauh a ni.

Public sector oil marketing companies – Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd leh Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. te chuan international oil price leh foreign exchange rate behchhanin nitin petrol man hi an bithliah thin a ni.

Mahse, pandemic avanga retail price inthlak nasa tur ven nan ni 58 lai petrol man leh ni 48 lai diesel man an khawih danglam duh lo a ni. June 30 leh August 15 leh March 17 leh June 6 inkar chhung pawh khan poil man an khawih che duh tawh lo bawk.

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