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Oil palm chingtute ngaihsak turin ngen


Mizoram sawrkarin kuthnathawktute a chintir, oilpalm hralh dan leh a rate chungchangah a chingtuten harsatna an tawh tih MJA Kolasib leh Mamit District chuan sawiin, sawrkarin ngaihsak turin an ngen tih an sawi.

Kolasib District leh Mamit District MJA member-te hian Zirtawpni khan Mamit district-a oilpalm chingtute hmalakna a hmunah an enpui a.
Mamit leh Kolasib district hi Mizorama oilpalm chinga hralh awmchhun niin, an ni hian Kolasib district Bukvanneia Godrej Oilpalm Mill-ah kg khat Rs 5.50 in an hralh thin a ni.

Oilpalm hi Mizoram sawrkar, Godrej company leh farmer-ten agreement fel tak neiin farmer-tena an chin a nih laiin, farmer-te hian an oilpalm rah phurhchhuahna kawngah te, oilpalm rate chungchangah te harsatna an tawk tih district pahniha MJA-te hian an sawi a; an harsatna hi sawrkarin hriatpui a, agreement anga oilpalm-a hma la turin Mizoram sawrkar an ngen tih an sawi a ni.

“Oilpalm hi Mizoram sawrkarin a chintir a nih angin, hemi chungchang ngaihtuah turin State Level Oilpalm Advisory Committee te, Price Fixation Committee te din niin, tun dinhmunah he Committee hian oilpalm chungchanga an hmalakna hriat tur a awm lo a. Hei hi kuthnathawktute ngaihthahnaah kan ngai a ni,” MJA Kolasib president R. Lalhmingthanga chuan a ti a. A rang lama oilpalm chingtute harsatna hi ngaihtuahsak an duh tih a sawi bawk.

Tun dinhmunah Mamit district-ah hian oilpalm chungtu chhungkaw 433 vel awmin heng zinga 250 velin oilpalm rah an tharchhuak mek a, nikum chhung khan oilpalm metric tonne 2349.20 tharchhuakin a hlutzawng chu cheng nuai 1292 chuang hu a ni.

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