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Oilpalm chingtute tan MSP dilsak


Mizoram sawrkar chuan oilpalm chingtuten hlawk zawka a rah an hralh theih nan minimum support price (MSP) a dil mek.

Kolasib District Oilpalm Zonal Committee chu Nilaini khan neih a ni a. He hun hmanpuitu Agriculture director Rohmingthanga Colney chuan oilpalm chingtute harsatna chu sawrkarin a hriatpui tih sawiin, “Oilpalm hmalaknaah hian kan hnungtawlh thiang loa, theihtawp kan chhuah zel dawn. Oilpalm chingtuten hlawk zawka a rah an hralh theih nan sawrkar laipuiah minimum support price dil mek a ni,” a ti.

Kolasib district-ah hian ram hectare 6965.31 a zauah oilpalm chin a ni a, kumin thleng hian a rah metric tonne 12527.773 tharchhuah a ni tawh a, heta tang hian a huan neituten oilpalm hralhna Rs 675,90,233.75 an leichhuak tawh a ni.

Sawrkar laipui chuan India ram hi hriak ei chia kan intodelhna turin oilpalm hmalakna hi nasa zawka kalpui a tum mek tih sawi a ni a. Oilpalm-a hma lo la hmasa Mizoram chu oilpalm hi sawrkar laipuiin agriculture lama min hriatna awmchhun a ni tih sawi a ni bawk.

Oilpalm Zonal Committee-ah hian Kolasib district-a oilpalm-a hmalak dan turte sawi ho niin, 2019-2020 chhunga oilpalm hmalaknaa sum hmuh Rs 157,01,440 atangin Rs 129,00,200 hmanral a ni a, sum hman bang Rs 28,01,140 hman chhunzawm dan tur rel nghal a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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