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Olympic ring-ah India infiammite


Olympic Games awm tawha India-in infiammi a tirh hnember tuma Tokyo Games hmachhawn tur India infiammite chuan Tokyo Olympics Games Village an thlengkhawm ta a, Thawhtanni leh Thawhlehni khan Games Village-ah hian then-khatin practice an tan a, Village leh a chhehvela hawi thawveng tawk awm bawkin, athlete thenkhat chuan Games Village kianga Olympic Rings-ah thlate an laho.

Thlalak tarchhuahah hian thalkapmi Lalrem-sanga hnu lama Mizo Olympian kan hmuh leh hmasakber tur Lalrem-siami telna women’s hockey team member-te bakah shooter Sanjeev Rajput leh judoka Sushila Devi-te an lang.

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