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One Direction 10th Anniversary Video


Khawvelin One Direction a hmelhriat atangin kum 10 a tling ta a, hemi denchhen hian an video, minute 5 dawna sei ’10 Years of One Direction’ an tih chu an tlangzarh a, he video-ah hian an band in din tirh atanga an kehdarh hma zawng, clip hrang hrang tarlan a ni a ni.

An hla hit te tawi te te dah khawm a ni a, an world tour leh backstage footage te, photo shoot leh group intervioew leh studio recording footage te pawh tihlan a ni.

One Direction hian an kum 10 tlin champha lawm nan hian an music video thenkhat chu 4K ultra HD version tihchhuah an tum a, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’-a bul tanin, niminpah khan an tlangzarh a, niminah “Live While We’re Young” tichhuak lehin, vawiin-ah ‘Story of My Life’ an tichhuak ang a, naktukah ‘Steal My Girl’ leh a tuklehah ‘History’ an tichhuak leh ang a, July ni 28-ah an ‘Where We Are Tour -Live From San Siro Stadium’ live stream-in an khar ang.

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