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One Electric ‘KRIDN’


One Electric Motorcycles-in India-a electric motorcycle chak ber tur ni a an chhal One Electric KRIDN chu October thla hian India-ah an tlangzarh dawn ta. A man tur hi official-in an la puang lo nain Rs 1,29,000 vel tur niin an sawi. One Electric KRIDN hi India-a siam niin, KRIDN hi Sanskrit atanga lak niin ‘intih hlim nan’ tihna a ni awm e.

One Electric KRIDN hi a specification zawng zawng an la puang lo a, mahse, a top speed 95kmph chunglam tur niin an chhal a, 165 Nm torque pechhuak thei a ni a, a battery vawi khat charge full-in km 110 a thui a tlan thei niin an chhal.

He IP protected design KRIDN hi One Electric Team kutchhuak a ni a, company lam chuan Delhi, Chennai. Bengaluru leh Hyderabad-ah te October chawlh kar hmasa berah an tlangzarh dawn niin an sawi a, heng state-a awm te tan pre-booking an hawng tawh a, KRIDN leh KRIDN R a awm dawn a, KRIDN R bik hi bike taxi service a hman tur deuh a duan a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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