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‘Oxygen for Tahan’ in tum ram thleng


Myanmar rama Covid-19 hrileng tuar mek Zohnahthlakte tana Aizawl Theological College (ATC) Alumni-in ‘Oxygen for Tahan’ tia vehbur an khawna tlingkhawm atanga mamawh lamkhawm chuan a thawhkhatna atan Tahan a thleng.

Mizo Theological Association (MTA) leh Victor Da Scavenger youtube channel te puihna in ATC Alumni hian ‘Oxygen for Tahan’ tiin vehbur an khawn a, cheng nuai 10 chuang a lut niin an sawi. Sumfai bakah MF Drug Centre, RTP building Tuikual leh Jordan Drug Store, Upper Bazar ten bungrua engemawzat leh damdawi an thawh bawk.

ATC Alumni hian Myanmar lama an member-te nen thawk hoin, mi harsa, a mamawh zualten a thlawna an dawn theih ngeina tur ruahmanna siamin, Covid test kit, damdawi leh PPE an thawn thawhkhatna chuan Tahan a thleng tawh a. A thawh hnihnaah test kit leh PPE thawn leh tura tih niin, Tahan bakah Kabaw phaia Zohnahthlakte pui turin huang an zauh zel a. Myanmar lama Covid kaite mamawh oxygen-a harsatna pawh a theih ang anga sutkianpui turin hma an la mek tih sawi a ni.

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