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Palace-ah Guehi


London club Crystal Palace chuan Chelsea atangin England Under-21 defender Marc Guehi chu kum nga daih contract ziahpuiin an la lut.

Crystal Palace defender thar Marc Guehi hi kum naupangte ni mahse theihna sang tak a nei a. Hmabak eng tak neia ngaih a ni. Player hrawl tak tak kawl-khawmtu Chelsea senior team-ah atan hmun chan a harsa a. Loan in Swansea City chu season hnih chhung a zawm tawh. Palace-ah hian hmun pawimawh chang in, Vieira player pawi-mawh a la nih ngei a rinawm.

Palace manager thar Patrick Vieira chuan an squad a thuam chak zui zel a, player pathum an la lut fel tawh. French attacking midfielder Mich-ael Olise, English goalkeeper Remi Matthews leh Marc Guehi te la fel tawh in, defender Joel Ward chu hun rei zawk cham tura an chelh tawh bakah Kristian Wilson chu first-team coach atan an ruai fel bawk.

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