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Pianpui tawnga zirlai zir tan nghal duh


Union Ministry of Education chuan Supreme Court hnenah school a zirlaite zirtir nana ‘pianpui tawng’ hman tura tih chu an thlawp bur thu sawiin zirna atana pianpui tawng hman hian thiam thei leh a nawlpuite inthlauhna a tizim ang, tiin a hrilh.

Ministry chuan September 10 khan academic thuneitute CBSE, NCERT leh NCTE te pawh telin, Union Cabinet-in July 2020 a pawm tawh ‘tawng tam tak thiam’ tura hmalak leh inzirtir nan bera ‘pianpui tawng’ hmang tura National Education Policy (NEP) in a tih te chu bawhzui turin a lo hrilh tawh a ni.

Centre-in affidavit a siam hi Supreme Court-in school naupang tam tak te pianpui tawng aia inzirtir nana English hmang vek tura tihna chuan Article 21A (fundamental right to education) of the Constitution bawhchhiatna lam a awn em a tih chungchang a ni.
He case awm chhan hi Andra Pradesh sorkarin State High Court thutlukna hnawla school-a inzirtir nana English hmang tura a lo tih tawh khinna kal zel a ni a.

Telugu scholar rual te mi langsar tak tak te Andra Pradesh Deputy Speaker hlui Mandali Buddha Prasad hova Andra Pradesh sorkar Jagan Reddy sorkarin inzirtir nana english hman vek tur a tih duh lova an khinna kal zel a ni a. Sorkar hmalakna chu kalpui a nih chuan Teleugu-a tawng hrang hrang te chu rei lo teah a boral mai dawn an ti a ni.

Kum 2011 census ang chuan ‘pianpui tawng’ mi 10,000 chuangin an la hman chu 1,369 a la awm a. Chutih laiin Eighth Schedule of Constitution ah national language 22 a awm a, India ramah classical language paruk chauh a awm thung.

Prasad chuan Telugu hi Eighth Schedule hnuaiah classical language zinga tel a ni a, mi maktaduai 81 chuangin an hmang a ni tiin a sawi.

Affidavit an siamah sorkar chuan NEP 2020 chuan ‘multilingualism’ a thlurbing a ti a. Local language te chu naupang tena ‘thil harsa leh khirhkhan te rang zawka an man fiah theih nan’ a pawimawh a ti bawk.

“Multilingual family chhungah family member thenkhat tena an hman mother tongue emaw local language nena inang lo home language a awm thei. Grade 5 thleng, duhthusamah chuan Grade 8 thleng leh a bak thleng pawhin inzirtirnaah home language/mother tongue/local language/regional language te hman tur a ni,” tiin sorkar chuan NEP 2020 chu a tarlang tel a ni.

NEP 2020 chuan mother tongue ngeia siam high-quality text book zirtitute tan bilingual approach an neih that theih nana siam turin a ti bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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