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Poual Pogba-a’n Covid 19 a kai


Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba chuan Covid 19 a kai tih hmuhchhuah a nih thu France manager Didier Deschamps an a sawi.

Covid 19 a kai tih hmuhchhuah a nih tak vang hian ni 14 chhung a inkhung hran a ngai dawn a, UEFA Nation League-ah Pogba hi a inlan thei dawn lo. France hian tunkar inrinni hian Sweden an hmachhawn dawn a, september ni 5-ah Croatia an hmachhawn zui leh ang. Ram aiawha a fehchhuak theih dawn tak loh vang hian France hian Pogba aiawh tur an koh thar leh a ngai dawn a ni.

Manchester United hian season tharah Premier League an khelh hmasak berah Crytal Palace an hmachhawn dawn a, September ni 19 zanah Old Trafford-ah an inlan dawn. United in Crystal Palace an hmachhawn hunah hi chuan Pogba hi chhawr theih tawh tura ngaih a ni thung.

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