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Power exchange a man sang zawka hralh duh lo


Power Ministry chuan October 12 khan State te chu India ramin coal lama harsatna a tawh mek laiin central generating stations (CGS) atanga power semchhuah loh te hmang tangkai turin a ngen.

“Ministry of Power chuan State ten an consumer-te hnenah power supply pe lovin load shedding a la zawk tih kan hria a. Chutihrual chuan man sang zawkin power exchange-ah power an hralh tih hriat a ni bawk,” tiin Power Ministry chuan thuchhuah a siamah a tarlang a.

Power lak chungchanga guidelines ang chuan CGS atanga power 15% chu ‘unallocated power’ a ni a, Central srokarin State a mamawh te hnenah a pek theih thin a ni.

Consumer te hnena power supply pek hi distribution company te mawhphurhna a ni a, an consumer te hnenah 24×7 power supply an pe phawt tur a ni. Hei vang hian distribution company ten an consumer te power pe lovin distribution exchange ah an hralh tur a ni lo, tiin thuchhuah chuan a tarlang bawk.

“State te chu unallocated power te State a consumer te hnenah power an pek theih nan la tura ngen an ni a. Power surplus a awm a nih chuan State ten Government of India hriattirin chung power te chu State mamawh te hnenah a pe ang,” tiin a tarlang bawk.

State te an consumer te hnena power pe lova power exchange ah man to zawka hralh hriatfiah a nih chuan chung state te unallocated power chu chhuhsak niin a mamawh state-te hnenah pek a ni ang, tiin a tarlang bawk.

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