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Prabhas hlawh a sang


Pan-India star Prabhas hian film pakhat chan man atana a lak thin a hlawh a tisang a, cheng vaibelchhe 150 a inchhiar tawh niin Times of India-in a tarlang.

Kum 41 mi, Baahubali changtupa hi Indian actor zinga hlawh sang ber pawl niin, tunah hian ‘Rashe Shyam,’ film a chang zo chiah a, ‘Salaar,’ ‘Adipurush,’ ‘Project K’ leh ‘Spirit’ te a chang leh mek a, Mumbai leh Hyderabad a kar deuh zak zak reng mai a ni. Heng film chan manah hian cheng vaibelchhe 100 theuh a inchhiar niin an tarlang.

Mahse, tunah chuan a film pakhat chan man hi a tisang leh ta a, Sandeep Reddy Vanga film siam a chan leh turah chuan cheng vaibelchhe 150 a inchhiar a, hei hi film siamtute hian an pawm tawh niin an tarlang bawk.

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