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Preisident hlui Pranab Mukherjee a boral


India President hlui Pranab Mukherjee chu August ni 31, 2020 khan kum 84 mi niin Indian Army’s Research & Referral Hospital, New Delhi-ah a boral.

Indian National Congress hruaitu hlun Pranab Mukherjee hi August ni 10 khan a thluak zai a ni a, chuta tang chuan dinhmun tha lo takah a awm chho zui ta a ni.

Mukherjee hi 2012-17 khan President 13-na niin, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) sorkarah cabinet minister a lo ni tawh bawk.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chuan President hlui Bharat Ratna Pranab Mukherjee thi chu pawi a tih thu a sawi a. Kan ram hmasawnna atan hriatreng tur thil tam tak min hnutchhiah a, thiamna bik tak nei mithiam leh hruaitu ropui tak, politics huang chhunga ngaihsan rawn leh mipui nawlpui zinga mi hmingtha a ni, a ti.

Prime minister chuan Pranab Mukherjee chu India ram President a nih laiin, mipui nawlpui tana tlawh theih turin Rashtrapati Bhavan chu a hawng zau tih a sawi a, President chenna in hi zirna hmunpui, thilthar puakchhuahna, hnam nunphung leh ziarang, science leh literature hmunpui atan a siam a ni, a ti bawk.

India sawrkar chuan Pranab Mukherjee hi ni sarih (August 31- Sept 6, 2020) chhung a sun dawn a, sunna neih chhung hian National Flag chu a ngul chanve-ah zar a ni ang a, official entertainment siam a ni lovang.

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