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Prince Harry leh Meghan Markle ten Netflix nen $100M deal an nei


Khawvela streaming platform lian bera an chhal Netflix chuan Prince Harry leh Meghan Markle te chu dollar maktaduai 100 man hu inremna an siampui a, Harry leh Markle te hian Netflix tan scripted series leh festure film-te an produce dawn a ni.

Prince Harry leh Meghan Markle te hi Hollywood lama an luh rin lawk sa a ni a, tunah chuan subscriber maktaduai 190 chuang nei Netflix-ah an intat lut ta a, Nilaini kalta khan inremna hi an ziak fel niin an sawi.

Harry leh Markle te hian Britain lal chhungkaw inrelbawlna chhuahsanin, Canada-ah an pem a, chumi hnuah California-ah an pem leh a, California-ah hian inbenbel an tum ta a ni.

Meghan Markle hi lemchan lama hnuhma nei tawh niin, Suits series-ah a chang thin a, Harry nen an inneih dawnah a lemchan hi a chawlhsan a, tunah hian lemchan lama luh leh tumna a nei rih chuang lo niin an sawi. An project hmasaah nature documentary series leh animated series lam an thlurbing deuh dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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